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Atelier Favino - Guitares sur mesure depuis 1946


After 44 years in Paris, the Favino workshop was established in 1990 in Castelbiague at the foot of the Pyrenees, at an altitude of 400m, about an hour from Toulouse.

In a mountain setting conducive to well-being, Jean-Pierre Favino has found, after the hustle and bustle of Paris, the pleasure of having the time to devote himself fully to the creation of his instruments, at his own pace. In the Comminges, saying "hello" takes at least 15 minutes....

He makes an average of one guitar per month and the waiting time is about two years.

Sometimes guitars are made for Salons and are then available for sale; for those who cannot wait and do not want a specially customized model, the "DURING THIS TIME" page of the site will announce the availability, as well as information or photos and creations explained.

The workshop welcomes only by appointment artists and guitar enthusiasts to talk about a project, a commission, adjustments or a restoration.

Find on the "CONTACT" page the access map to get to the workshop.

Atelier Favino - tables de guitares
Atelier Favino - façonnage d'une tête de guitare
Atelier Favino - essai d'un modèle Jazz S