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Histoire des luthiers Jacques et Jean-Pierre Favino

      Published: Thursday, 30 September 2021 10:14

Histoire des Luthiers Jacques et Jean-Pierre Favino - Patrice Veillon et Arnaud LegrandParu en 2021 et signé PATRICE VEILLON & ARNAUD LEGRAND, préfacé par MAX ROBIN. Magnifique ! Un premier tirage est épuisé, un deuxième est en cours, vous pouvez prendre contact avec Patrice Veillon par son site, il sera en personne au festival de guitare d’ ISSOUDUN fin octobre, qu’on se le dise !

One guitar for sale

      Published: Sunday, 09 December 2018 12:02

I currently have a Gypsy Jazz for left-handed, built for the 70th anniversary of the House FAVINO (1946-2016), and exhibited in Issoudun and Paris, now available.

If you would like to see and try it, please call one week in advance to make an appointment, thank you.


Favino Jazz S Lefty for sale

...about Savarez's Argentine strings

      Published: Sunday, 09 December 2018 11:55

Yes, you know, the ones used since the Thirties on SELMER Jazz guitars.

Before 1980 (cf.hist.Savarez) there was only one string gauge: 10-45 purple covering near the clip, our tops bracing were conceived to accept the pressure of this gauge.

From 1980, at the request of some of you who wanted a slightly tighter game, SAVAREZ's manufacturing technicians produced a slightly stronger gauge: 11-46 with a red covering. Some of our pre-1980 guitars based on the 10-45s on which 11-46s were fitted have been over pressurized and have shown a sinking of the top, especially at the bridge's feet.

Raising the tailpiece slightly can reduce the pressure and the problem. If that is not enough, the top must be removed and the bracing reinforced.

Let's summarize: on our Gypsy Jazz models before 1980, please only use 10-45 gauge. If you prefer to feel tight or even hard strings under your fingers, let me know, it can be planned for the building.

Thank you.



Some advices...

      Published: Wednesday, 14 November 2018 15:06

headstock favino jazzHello!

Allow me some suggestions to avoid any "disagreement":


Please treat me gently and tactfully, I am very sensitive to shocks, to sudden temperature variations; at home, always leave me in the air, so that my wood can breathe.

A relative humidity of more or less 50% is appropriate, a hair hygrometer (preferably natural) will be very useful to us. When I walk around, the rigid case is the means of transport in which I feel most protected.

If it is really necessary, stain remover for clothes (petrol F or C) will do very well for my toilet, and nothing else!


Although I float, I don't like the rain; the sun outdoors doesn't bother me, but in a closed car, near a radiator or on a heated floor, I feel bad!

If I cause you any small play problems, don't hesitate to take me back to Favino, he will be very happy to see us again.



PS: I forgot: the more I play, the better I get over time.

Thank you for your attention.